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In case of a vacancy, you will find the necessary information concerning this function under “PROFILE”.
It is important to know that all employees are appointed according to the valid legal rules and are consequently paid and insured.
Banks has a small team of employees, supported in case of affluence by job-students and part-time workers.
We consider kindness, a sunny disposition, a keen feeling for atmosphere, cleanliness and personal hygiene eventually more important factors than a large professional experience in our choice of new employees.
The tasks per function are in fact always a mix of duties also belonging to other functions and as a result the guest feels that all employees are able to offer a correct response to the most frequently asked questions and thus has the feeling of  complete service during his stay.
This polyvalence may be quite demanding on the team-members and their flexibility but is also a guarantee of an absorbing and varied job. 
Spontaneous applications
Please send your CV with your tel. number to
Command of Dutch and English is necessary
Please send your CV with your tel. nr. and a clear definition of your  training period to
Add a description of the tasks you should accomplish as part of your training program and which courses you are taking at which school.
Banks has already taken trainees from Dutch as well as Belgian institutes.